Patrick Hawes: The Great War Symphony

Patrick Hawes: The Great War Symphony

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 Released on 21st September 2018. Pre-Order Now.

Patrick Hawes has completed his biggest and most important work to date, The Great War Symphony (in aid of SSAFA),a choral symphony to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War.

The Great War Symphony is in four movements and each one reflects each year of the war – Praeludium (1914-1915), March(1915-1916), Elegy(1916-1917) and Finale(1917-1918). The music is set to the affecting words of war including Wilfred Owen’s 1914, Seigfried Sassoon’s Hell Let Loose, Margaret Postgate Cole’s The Falling Leaves, as well as lesser known words from Sydney Bolitho’s Gallipoli and Moina Michael’s Flanders Field.

This beautiful body of work features soloists Louise Alder (soprano) and Joshua Ellicott (tenor), alongside the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain.

The complete work will be premiered in London’s Royal Albert Hall on 9th October 2018 at Classic  FM Live, bringing together the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra,  National Youth Choirs of Great Britain, London Youth Choir, Berkshire Youth Choir, Invictus Games Choir, Louise Alder (soprano), Joshua Ellicott (tenor) and Military Bands. Choirs from around the country will also be virtually beamed in to the Hall, including  the National Youth Choir of Scotland, and the Cross Border Youth Choir (Ireland & N.I.) .

Track Listing

1st Movement

Praeludium – Chorus ‘1914’

Praeludium – Tenor ‘Wake Up England’

Praeludium – Chorus ‘The Trumpet’

Praeludium – Tenor ‘The Oath of Allegiance’

Praeludium – Chorus ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’

Praeludium – Chorus ‘Into Battle’

Praeludium – Tenor ‘Waste’


2nd Movement 

March – Chorus ‘Quit Ye Like Men’

March – Soprano ‘The Falling Leaves’

March – Chorus ‘Gallipoli’

March – Soprano ‘Mid Jutland’s deadly battle roar’

March – Soprano & Chorus ‘No Cross or Headstone’

March – Tenor ‘Inferno’


3rd Movement 

Elegy – Chorus ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’

Elegy – Tenor ‘The Song of the Mud’

Elegy – Soprano & Tenor ‘He Lies with England’s Heroes’

Elegy – Soprano & Chorus ‘America Speaks’

Elegy – Chorus ‘The Dead Soldier’


4th Movement

Finale – Chorus ‘Dies Irae’

Finale – Tenor ‘The Storm Night’

Finale – Tenor ‘Tell Them at Home’

Finale – Chorus ‘Disarmament’

Finale – Soprano ‘Calm Fell’

Finale – Chorus ‘Blow Out, You Bugles’

Finale – Soprano & Chorus ‘The Last Post’

Finale – Soprano, Tenor & Chorus ‘We Shall Keep the Faith’