Haydn - Symphonies 94, 100 & 104

Haydn - Symphonies 94, 100 & 104

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Symphony No.94 in G ‘Surprise’ is scored for strings and pairs of flutes, oboes and bassoons, horns, trumpets and timpani.

Special features include the opening movement’s slow introduction, the faster-than-normal Menuetto (anticipating the lively scherzos of Beethoven), and the enchantingly playful finale. The 'surprise' in question is not one of Haydn's subtle musical quips for the seasoned concertgoer, but rather a huge clout from the full orchestra designed to catch out anyone who's nodded off during the slow movement.


1–4. Symphony No. 94 ‘Surprise’

5–8. Symphony No. 100 ‘Military’

9–12. Symphony No. 104 ‘London’