The Musical Treasury

The Musical Treasury

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There are all sorts of people, events and sounds that exist in the musical world for which there are no words.  We have been sadly bereft of a satisfactory way to describe the contortion of a singer’s mouth when reaching for the high notes, the audience member who leaves a concert hall halfway through the grand finale; or that person who places one finger in their ear and raises their eyes heavenwards when they sing.  The Classic FM Musical Treasury neatly solves the problem with an inspired collection of musical themed words. 

Realising the need for a new musical language for our times, our very own More music Breakfast presenter - Tim Lihoreau has scoured the UK for place names with a musical bent; names that cry out for fresh humorously inventive meanings. Dividing the Treasury into handy sections from ‘Performers & Performances’ and ‘Choirs & Choral Singing’ to ‘Audiences & Listeners’ and ‘Musicians in Training’, he documents those many musical and arts-based terms, concepts and objects for which until now, there has been no name...

Minster lovell (n.) the piece of classical music inserted into a politician’s list of favourite music by their PR team, which they profess to have adored since childhood.

Ping (n.) the sounding of a small, bell-like noise, to denote that you have not remembered to turn off your phone before sitting down to the concert.

Legsby (n.) a particularly belligerent patron of a theatre or concert hall who will not budge an inch to enable you to move past them to reach your seat.

Duddo (n.) the member of the University Challenge team in the knitted tank top and bow tie who has been brought along solely to answer the classical music questions and sits through the rest of the programme trying to look as though they have just been beaten to the buzzer each time.