The Spirit of Scotland

The Spirit of Scotland

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If the bagpipes define the sound of popular Scottish music, then its most influential writer was Robert Burns (1759–96). No fewer than eight songs in this collection set texts by the Scottish Bard, although sadly the identities of the various tunesmiths are unknown.

Most of this collection features skilful arrangements of haunting melodies whose original composers are anonymous (and who therefore lost out on a fortune in royalties!).


  1. Highland Cathedral
  2. Ye Banks and Braes
  3. Lewis Bridal Song
  4. Ca’ the Ewes
  5. The De’il’s Awa’ Wi’ The Exciseman
  6. Ae Fond Kiss
  7. My Love is like a Red, Red Rose
  8. Bonney Laddie, Highland Laddie
  9. A Highland Lad
  10. Wae’s Me For Prince Charlie
  11. The Keel Row
  12. Skye Boat Song Nicky Spence
  13. Will Ye No Come Back Again
  14. Wi’ A Hundred Pipers
  15. Scotland The Brave
  16. The Land of the Mountain and the Flood
  17. Caledonia
  18. Scottish Medley
  19. Auld Lang Syne
  20. Auld Lang Syne